What a difference 6 months makes…

6 months ago Greg & I were living and working in Dallas, Texas.  Here’s a handful of ways our lives have changed since then.

1.  Same sound, different Pavlovian response…

6 months ago when Greg’s phone would go off with his “ting, ting” sound, it would almost ALWAYS mean bad news, stress, long dicussions, and a lot of times end with him going into work (inevitably on a Friday or Saturday night)…  And trust me that “ting, ting” went off ALL the time.  Greg & I BOTH got to the point were we truly dreaded it.  All we had to hear was that first “ting” and we both stiffened and braced ourselves for the worst.

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Junk Mail

I remember seeing “Costa Rica directions” for the first time, on our trip here in early 2012.  We were driving a rental car and I had requested the address for a certain hotel we had reservations at.  This was what was sent to me:

“From the catholic church in La Fortuna, we are located 6 km west of Arenal volcano.” 

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9 Tico solutions to living simply

Many Ticos seem to have so much less than North Americans (by “material standards”), in fact most Ticos do not make a lot of money and live on very little; but yet they seem to be very happy.  “Pura vida” is said a lot here – but it’s also meant a lot.  “Life is good” seems to be everyone’s motto and true outlook on life.

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Retiring in Costa Rica

Somebody Pinch me.  Seriously.  Sometimes I feel like I’ve been living here in Costa Rica forever (it’s that comfortable); but more often than not, it’s still like – wow – is this really my life?

Retired?  Me?  Yep.  I know it’s odd – I’m still in my early 40’s (I can say early till I’m 45, just fyi).  In fact, I really don’t like telling people I’m retired – I usually get strange looks of disbelief, and some people don’t even believe me after I reiterate.  Maybe early-retired is a better and truer word.  Also, I’ve only been officially retired since June, so it’s all still very new to me.

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Playa Jacó

Greg & I are lucky.  We have some really awesome friends.  And I’m not just saying that.  About 2 months before we moved to Costa Rica, we joined a facebook group called “Expatriates in Costa Rica”.  Through a friend we met on there, who had visited Costa Rica and plans to move there one day, we were introduced (online) to Helen & Charles.  We connected with them, and they were so kind to answer several questions we had.  Then we found out they were originally from Texas, and would be visiting Dallas soon (remember, this is when we still lived in Dallas), and wanted to get together with us and have dinner!  And, we liked them even MORE after meeting them in person.

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