Well, after eating my way through Texas and Wisconsin, I am ready to be back home in Costa Rica (it’s so strange calling Costa Rica home, y’all).  A week in Dallas and a week in Wisconsin (cheese capital of the country, if you didn’t know) have been great, truly.  But um, a little hectic, and a little food-overloaded!  We met with friends or family over a meal out, I think, every single day.  People keep asking us what foods we miss the most from the States, and at this point I don’t miss anything anymore!  Greg did enjoy his share of craft beers and Mexican food, and I enjoyed my share of non-boxed wine and Wisconsin cheese (fried cheese curds anyone?).  But, let me tell you, we are ready to get back to our healthy eating and way of life here in Costa Rica.

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Becoming an Expat: Costa Rica

BECR Front cover final

This is just a little shout out to my new pal, Shannon Enete, who lives on the western coast of Costa Rica.  She just wrote and published this new book Becoming an Expat:  Costa Rica.    If any of you are even thinking of making the move to Costa Rica – this is a MUST read for you.  It’s easy to read, instructive without getting boring or too bogged down with information, and interesting to boot.   The book also contains several external resources to help further your research.

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Gracie(a)’s Granola


I made this super easy granola for my niece Gracie who just started college in East Texas and happened to have a birthday while I was visiting in Dallas.  Me & Mom Seymour (my sweet mom-n-law) made her a little care package of some goodies.  Good thing I made a lot of granola, as I kept snacking on it before it actually got shipped out (sorry, Gracie).

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Jen’s Spanish Rice

This is something I make a lot of here in Costa Rica – it’s so wonderful to eat with chicken and vegetables, or beans (another staple here), and keeps in the fridge for days.   Actually, I’ve kept in the fridge for as long as a week and it’s still great!   I’m ashamed to say that I never made this before I moved to Costa Rica.  When I lived in Dallas – I bought the pre-packaged (add water & boil) kind, because you know, like I never had TIME.  Here, I have time and have amazing fresh ingredients to use, and guess what – I PREFER my Spanish Rice from scratch now.  🙂

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For those of you who are thinking about moving here, what kind of clothes should you bring?  Well, I can only tell you what my experience is thus far.

When I lived in Dallas….  um, well, I was a bit into designer labels.  I loved my Coach purses and True Religion and Seven jeans.  And I had LOTS of shoes (almost ALL heels and wedges).  It was hard trying to decide WHAT exactly to get rid of before I moved here, without knowing exactly what I’d need here.  However, I think I did a pretty good job of thinking it through.  And surprisingly, it wasn’t as hard as I thought – to get rid of my designer labels, and a TON of other unnecessary things as well.

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We’ve been fingerprinted!

Good news!  We’ve received our “folio numbers” – which will enable us to NOT have to leave the country every 3 months!  Woot!  There’s just a teeny tiny little thing – Greg’s last name is still spelled wrong, but our attorney assures us this is “no problema”, was just a typo by someone and will be fixed at some point (when?).

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Losing the glut

One of the reasons we moved to Costa Rica, was to live smaller – in a lot of ways.  We wanted to get out of the “more more more” mentality (more money, more material things…), and concentrate on more important things.  With us both quitting our jobs, of course this meant learning to live on less money as well.  I admit, I had concerns about this –  we were so used to just buying whatever we needed, and really – whatever we wanted.   I never looked at price tags.  Awful, I know…   After being that way for so long, could I  just “change”?

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