Chica Bands review & free giveaway!


OK mi amigas, here is my very 1st blog review and free giveaway!

I’m excited about it, because I’ve worn Chica Bands for some time now, and given them as gifts to my friends, and I LOVE THEM.  My friends LOVE THEM.  Why, you ask?  This is no “normal” headband, for one – it really and truly DOES NOT MOVE.  That’s right, folks.  Even while you are running, tumbling, playing soccer, baking, cleaning house (you get the point).  Seriously – you put it on, and it holds your hair back and STAYS IN PLACE.  Whether you are sweating up a storm, or sprinting like mad… or just going out to dinner with friends.  They have TONS of super cool and cute designs that are stylish too.  I’ve worn them working out, and I’ve worn them out on the town!   Now that I live in Costa Rica – I wear them ALL THE TIME for hiking, after a shower while my hair is drying, or just hanging out…  they are just the best!  What can be better than a super cute AND functional headband??

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Taking care of “business”… in San Jose

So, little road trip to San Jose yesterday.  San Jose is the capital, about a 45 minute drive from Grecia, and also where we fly in and out – SJO – San Jose International Airport (not sure what the “O” stands for).  Our intention was to meet with an attorney who works with the ARCR (Association of Residents of Costa Rica) about starting our residency process.  We had been referred to an attorney by some friends of ours, who said this guy was very efficient and did a good job handling their paperwork.  Expediency is a good thing IF you can get it here in Costa Rica….  as most things are on “tico time” – which means – well, maybe today, maybe mañana (tomorrow)…  they take their sweet time in doing things – all with good intentions – it’s just the “laid back” way here…  Pura Vida.

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Éclairs and Italian Food…

Well, today was an excellent day!  I did 2 things today (yep, that’s it, but they were cool things):

#1:  I made my Éclairs – which I’ve been wanting to try here in Costa Rica.  I had to substitute a few ingredients, and I wasn’t sure how they’d turn out.  Plus I wanted to do a “trial run” (Greg LOVES when I do a trial run) before making them tomorrow for our friends Jim & Nancy (anniversary) and our friends Jeanie & Mark (welcome back treat!).

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Why I almost didn’t move to Costa Rica…

When I started this blog, I told myself I’d write about the good AND THE BAD.  Well, so far, I’ve only really written about the good. To be honest, it’s just been mainly GOOD for me so far, so it’s easy to write about all the cool stuff. But I feel after 7 blog posts, it’s time I try to write about some “not so pleasant” stuff.  I want to keep “true” to you guys, so here goes.

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Ah… the farmer’s market (FERIA)!

Finally – the day had arrived for us to visit and shop at the Feria (the local weekend farmer’s market).  When we were here the first week we only had time to pop in and pop back out.  The Feria is here in town on Friday afternoon/evening and Saturday morning.  IT IS FABULOUS.  They have rows and rows of fresh fruits, veggies, meat, organic coffee, bakery items, clothes, shoes, flowers – almost anything you want!  Plus a couple of places to eat lunch and have awesome fresh fruit smoothies.  YUM.  Of course, there’s little fruit/veggie stands everywhere around Grecia, but this is the “king of all farmer’s market’s” on the weekend which everyone waits for.  This time we went with our new friend Jim (lives by us) who has a car (woo hoo!).  He hadn’t been, and wanted us to “show him the ropes” (which is funny – someone wants US to show them around??).

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Let’s go hiking!!


So…  this is just a short post about a hike we’ve been taking, which is quickly becoming our daily morning hike.  We leave right from where we’re staying, head out at the dead-end road (which turns from dirt road into a very bare tractor trail).  Takes about 50 min – to an hour (depending how many breaks we take).

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A personal post…

Sometimes life takes turns you can in no way anticipate…  and you just have to go with the flow and do the darn best you can at the time.  That’s what happened to us…  after years of planning our HUGE move from Dallas, TX to Costa Rica, the day had finally arrived.  Monday, June 17th, 2013 we departed with our 9 pieces of luggage in tow; and after 3 different flight delays, finally made it to Costa Rica by early, early morning the next day.  We had arrived!  We were ready to start our new life!

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Trip to the Farmacia

Well, today was too funny to NOT blog about.  We got a ride into town today with Richard (our fabulous landlord), and we had 3 destinations in mind:  get local cell phone sim cards (for our iPhones), get a loaf of good Italian bread at a local panaderia (bakery), and go to a Farmacia (pharmacy) to see if they had any advice for my bug/spider bite.  First stop:  Farmacia.

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Money Money Money!


The front…

OK – let’s talk MONEY.  The money here (called the “colón”, plural being “colones’) is SO beautiful.  I just love it.  The paper bills are smaller than our American dollar bills, but they’re just so PRETTY.  Look!

The coins are nothing fancy, look similar to the American coins, but here you go, just in case you’re interested:

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