13 Moments from 2013

2013 was a year bookended by a beginning and an end for Greg and I.  Beginning of our new life in Costa Rica, and the end to Greg’s Dad’s wonderful life.  The year began with both of us leaving our jobs in May.  We then moved to Costa Rica in June, and attended Dad’s funeral shortly thereafter – he died 3 days after we had arrived in Costa Rica.

Even with our Dad passing away, it was truly a great year for us – the “beginning of the rest of our lives”, really.  Here’s a  few of my favorite moments from 2013.

1.  Last day of work party!  It felt great to quit my job, but I must say I kinda liked my job and these people I worked with for the past 17 years!  (And no, I didn’t work with Greg, he was just invited to my going away party).


2.  Spending time with my sweet Mom in Wisconsin before our departure to Costa Rica:


3.  The “start of the rest of our lives” – in the driveway in Dallas at the Seymour’s house mid-June…  all packed up with our entire life in 9 suitcases,  ready to head to the airport:


 4.  3 days after arriving in Costa Rica…  Greg’s Dad passed away.  Even though we were terribly sad to lose him, in a certain way – it was OK.  It was his time to go, and we were all prepared for him dying (as much as one can be).  We found ourselves back in Dallas, to celebrate the life of a TRULY great man.  Best Dad #2 I ever had.


5.  Getting back to Costa Rica, we were introduced to all the amazing fruit – growing naturally, in our own backyard!  The fruit is one of the best things here, and our backyard was gorgeous – we had coffee out by the pool every morning with our neighbors:



6.  One of the best decisions I ever made – deciding to go to yoga up the street from me.  The yoga class is wonderful, but the friendship I’ve developed with Justa (the instructor) has been the most rewarding:

yoga 3

7.  Hiking off the beaten path soon became a daily activity for us…  up the hill from our house, in the coffee fields and beyond:


8.  Of course I have to include some foodie moments from 2013:


9.  And some of my own homemade food, this was definitely a highlight of 2013 for me, learning to make several things from scratch:


10.  Visiting the Catarata Del Toro – the biggest waterfall in Costa Rica, was amazing and breath taking:


11.  We visited Manuel Antonio for a short weekend, and had the most wonderful time with our friends Justa & Steve – it was so cool seeing monkeys and sloths, and just hanging out at the beach:



12.  Here’s a few other favorite things we do in our spare time – blogging, baking, photography…


13.  However, the very best part of my 2013 year?  My Greg.


Here’s to discovering a whole ‘nother year in Costa Rica – who knows what 2014 will bring!

Ciao! — Jen


I quit my job in my early 40’s, sold everything and retired early to live a simple life in Costa Rica!

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37 Responses to 13 Moments from 2013

  1. What a lovely post! It sounds like it’s been an amazing year full of mixed emotions. But the main part, moving to Costa Rica looks amazing – I definitely want to visit CR now!! Congratulations on the move and I’m so inspired by your bravery! I hope 2014 is fantastic for you and I’m looking forward to following your adventures!

  2. Wow! What a year. All of this looks amazing, but I’m especially enticed by the photos of cinnamon rolls. They look incredible, my mouth is watering.

    • Thank you so much Syd! And yes, those cinnamon rolls were to die for – I promised I will only make them ONCE a year (Christmas Day), because me & my hubby just can’t resist them!

  3. Great wrap-up and congratulations again on the move. Please note however (and I speak from personal experience) that wine glasses in close proximity to a laptop, be they half full or half empty, are a recipe for disaster. That goes for both of you. 🙂 Happy New year!

    • Thank you – he was super proud of us, and he loved me intensely – which is more than most daughter-in-law’s can say. Happy New Year to you as well!

  4. Great post, Jen Jen! Thank you again for sharing! I really am enjoying sharing in your new adventures.

    Feliz ano nuevo a ti y a Senor Gregorio!

    P.S. I do crave those cinnamon rolls!

    Mighty Mouse 🙂

  5. Umm want to come to Coco and bring some baked treats? hehehe 😀 But great round up and what a year for you two – congratulations on the move again! Need to visit that waterfall next year, wow!

    • 🙂 Thanks so much Samantha, and fellow-blogger! If I ever make it to Coco, will do! We were actually there on our initial trip to Costa Rica in Jan., 2012. Thanks for your comments and reading! 🙂

  6. Jen, what a wonderful, memorable year for you and Greg! Thanks so much for sharing your adventures with others. Your writing and your photos make this reader feel like I’m living in CR and have made a friend already. Keep posting your awesome blog — I’m a big fan! Happy New Year to you and Greg!

  7. Many congrats on making the move! Oh, and we love sloths, so that’s an extra incentive to start moving our lazy asses towards Costa Rica. OK, maybe sloths are not the best motivational symbols… Anyway, hope 2014 brings you guys much sun, sea and indelibly beautiful moments. Good luck!

  8. That view you have from your backyard – amazing! I think I would just stuff my face with all that delicious fruit all the time. It sounds like 2014 was a momentous year for you. Congrats on making the jump! 🙂

  9. I admire you for moving to Costa Rica! I moved to Taiwan just two weeks after graduating from university and I know how difficult it can be but absolutely rewarding. Costa Rica looks like a beautiful place to explore! I look forward to reading more about your upcoming adventures in 2014!

  10. Thank you so much for sharing your new life with us! We moved to CR in 2013 as well (from Texas). It is an adjustment but we LOVE it!!!!!!! Looking forward to reading more about your life in CR and your adventures!

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